Welcome to cMc,


“cMc” stands for “Children’s Math Centre”, a Math centre for

 children located in Elazar, Gush Etzion.  The Math Centre offers games

from all over the world. Math games, strategy and logic games, together with workshops

on topics not necessarily taught in school (such as Math history, Mathematicians, building brainteasers etc.) will keep your children busy for hours. Through reading Math stories, playing games and using special educational Math tools, your children will become familiar with Geometry and Algebra the fun way! No longer will Math be an abstract science, but rather a fun and imaginative way to look at the world!


Who is it for?


Whereas other programs are geared towards specific children, either those, who have learning disabilities, or on the other hand are extremely talented, this program can fit anyone. We believe that each and every child must be challenged according to their level. Whereas the general program is currently built for children starting Gan Chova (5 years old) up to and including 6th grade, private lessons are available for all grades.


For adults we offer parent evenings on several topics, workshops for teachers, counseling and more.


For schools we offer workshops, counseling. We also build or improve Math rooms in schools.


For more information please contact us.

cMc - 
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